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    How To Identify Original HP Laserjet Toner Cartridge

how to identify original hp toner cartridge

What is a counterfeit print cartridge?

Original HP toner cartridge delivers exceptional value and reliable performance with lower total cost of printing, Counterfeit toner cartridges are designed by fraudsters to resemble that of HP toner cartridges. . Inotherwards, Fake or forged HP cartridges are illegally sold cartridges to unsuspecting customers that dont know the differences between genuine HP toner cartridges and counterfeit ones. However, you would also be surprised that even the so-called best counterfeit print cartridge would still appear worthless to you and your HP printer. Since genuine HP toner cartridge contain up to 70% of the printing system which is not available on counterfeit or refill cartridge and that makes the quality and performance of a genuine HP print cartridge worth more than a bargain.

Definintely while you use your printer, you are bound to run out of ink, When you want to buy inkjet cartridge from a store in lagos or maybe in nigeria as a whole, In other to protect yourself from falling prey to fraudster, it is advisable to know the differences and how to spot a genuine cartridge, if you are ready to know the truth to identifying HP printer cartridges, then come along with me and i will show you how to know the basic truth with my simple how to follow steps.

1: Always Check The Security Label Of The Toner Cartridge HP Security Label

Most original HP toner cartridge box must have a HP security label attached to it and you can easily find it over the tear strip of the cartridge box.

NB: In some part of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, you will notice that not all original HP inkjet print cartridge boxes comes the HP security security label you can use another means to identifying HP printer cartridges.

If you want to easily locate the HP security label on the cartridge, simply move towards the upper right corner of the hangtab at the top of the box or on the left or right panel of the box.

When you locate it, you will also notice the security label has the new HP Mobile Authentication label that features holographic image-shifting properties in addition to the QR code. You can perform the following steps below to visually verify that the security label of the toner cartridge box is an original one. Gently Tilt the box front to back and you will notice ‘OK’ and ‘√’ sign move in opposite directions of the label and you can also .Tilt the box right to left to see ‘OK’ and ‘√’ move in same directions as well.

However, you need to also notice that the latest labels from hewlett packard also has a unique bar code which you can validate using a smartphone which is made possible with the HP Quick Response (QR) code printed on the label. with a smartphone, you can access HP Mobile Authentication in which a valid response on your smart phone, proves to you that the cartridge is safe for purchase whereas an invalid response equally indicate that the cartridge may not be genuine.

You have the oppurtunity to validate the label using many free QR code readers such as with the reader included with the HP eSupplies app (where available) or you can use i-nigma as well. If you find it hard to capture QR codes with your smartphone, you also have an option to go to the HP Mobile Authentication website (www.HP.com/go/ok) with the label’s serial number to validate the label.security label.

You also have oppurtunity to validate the new security label online. Just go to the URL listed on the new security label and enter the label’s serial number and the HP Mobile Authentication program is available only with security labels that feature the QR code.The Quick Response codes on the new HP security seals contain serial numbers to allow instant verification of product authenticity.

Downloading a QR code scanner to your smartphone is easy:

Visit an App store from your smart phone
Select a QR code scanner app.
Download the app to your smartphone.

What if my cartridge box does not have a QR code?

You can still validate HP security labels online by following the following simple steps

visit www.HP.com/go/ok Follow the onscreen instructions to visually inspect the label. Enter the serial number found on the label. You will get an instant message from HP confirming if the toner cartridge is genuine or a counterfeit one..

Depending on the region you find the cartridge, it's packaging date, Original HP print cartridge packaging can also use security labels that has the following holographic features.

Colour-switching on the label

Tilt the box from side to side to see the colour change. When you notice that the background is dark, half of the lettering “ORIGINAL TONER” is light and vice versa.

Old HP security labelOld hp label

Moving image on the label

Tilt HP box front to back to see "OK" and "√" move in opposite directions. Tilt box right to left to see "OK" and "√" move in the same direction.

Moving image on the security label New HP ink seal

2. Always check the nature of the packaging

hp toner cartridge boxBoxes and packaging materials designed for packaging of original HP print cartridges are of consistent and premium quality made.

HP does not knowingly authorise the sale of products in packaging which is damaged or of poor quality. When you notice any sign of tampering on the cartridge box, that could be a sign you should be careful and raise suspicions.

Non-standard packaging and packaging that appears to have been opened can be an indicator and a visible sign to you that the print cartridge could be a counterfeit one. Please always be aware that HP does not sell cartridges without packaging them first.

Original HP print cartridges are always packaged and delivered unused to customers. There should be no sign of damage, no visible ink leakage or toner dust on the body of the cartridge, no sign of previous use or significant scratches on the print cartridge itself. All pull tabs on the cartridge should remain intact and unbroken and should always be consistent with that which is always found on genuine HP products

3. Performance and print quality of the cartridge

HP has always pride itself in providing reliable cartridges that perform to the highest standards. Toner Cartridge that provide low-quality performance or fail prematurely during printout can be an indication or sign that the print cartridge is a counterfeit one. Original HP toner cartridge contains 70% of the printing process and through HP rigorous testing, Users are assured that the performance of authentic HP cartridges is guaranteed to provide sharp, clear, consistent printing throughout the entire life of the cartridge. Printing problems like Ink streaks, leaks or toner dust also serve as an indicator or sign that a cartridge may be a counterfeit product.

4. Use HP authentication software

HP Authentication SoftwareHP's free authentication software helps you check if the print cartridges installed in your HP printing devices are genuine or a counterfeit one.

The 'HP Toner Cartridge Authentication' software is compatible with many existing HP LaserJet printers and MFPs introduced since 2004, and is available as a free download from www.HP.com/go/TonerCheck.

Please always have in mind that your print cartridge will be checked only once by this software; any further removal and re-installation of the print cartridge will result in a notification that the print cartridge has been 'used'.

5. Fire Sales Prices

Fire Sales When you are not familiar with prices of original HP print catridge or original toner cartridge price in lagos nigeria, it is possible you can stumble across an offer that sounds 'too good to be true', it probably is a sign that the cartridges could be fake cartridges. You need to be careful to identify original printer inkjet or toner from forged onesTo protect yourself from falling victim to any dubious offers poised by fraudsters, you should only buy from HP partner, HP distributors, HP authorised sales channels. When you visit the HP Smart Partner Locator available on your local HP website, you can find a list of HP's Supplies Partners, HP preferred partner for your country.

Just go to www.HP.com -> click on 'Find your HP Partner' and search for your local suppliers.
HP only sell printing supplies through authorised sales channels in any country. To avoid falling victim to fakes, you should refrain from accepting any suspicious sales offers.

How to report a suspicion to HP

How To Report a Suspicion To HPThere can be times when you come across a fake HP toner cartridge, it is best to report the situation to HP anonymously and when you are ready to do so, do keep the print cartridge, its packaging and any documents relating to the product, such as invoices, offer letters, etc and HP will proceed from there.

When reporting any suspicion to HP, The vital informations required by HP can be as below

You should indicate to HP why you think the product is suspicious cartridge and the name of the company that sold the product to you.

Your contact details (this is optional).

If possible or if it is convenient to you, do include sharp digital photos (around 500 KB each, taken without flash light) of all six sides of the print cartridge box as well as a close-up of the security label (if present) and a picture of the print cartridge itself in your report to HP.

Please report as follows:

Post: To contact us via mail, please use the following address: EMEA Anti-counterfeiting Programme
Hewlett-Packard International S.à.r.l.
150 Route du Nant d'Avril,
1217 Meyrin

Web: To report suspicious supplies via the web, click here: ACF online reporting form. This method allows you to report your suspicion anonymously.

If you are still looking out for a shop to buy genuine HP ink / Toner cartridge, You need not stress yourself anymore and request a free HP Toner / ink cartridge quotation here and we would be pleased to offer you a competitive HP toner and ink cartridge price that fits your budget.

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 How To Identify Original HP Laserjet Toner Cartridge

Original HP toner cartridge delivers exceptional value and reliable performance with lower total cost of printing, Counterfeit toner cartridges are designed by fraudsters to resemble that of HP toner cartridges. Inotherwards, Fake or forged HP cartridges are illegally sold cartridges to unsuspecting customers that dont know the differences between genuine HP toner cartridges and counterfeit ones.

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